We are FICE Europe

We are a network of European members of FICE International

We work together for the best interest of vulnerable children in Europe!

All over Europe, children are growing up under very different conditions. For most of the children, the conditions are good enough.

The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child is a good guidance with 40 articles that are important for children. FICE Europe agrees fully with this Convention.

But poverty, violence and abuse, lack of safety, medical care, education or parental care, are items that still exist all over Europe.
Because of their age children are vulnerable. They are at risk when they have to live in a bad situation with sometimes stacking conditions.

These children need protection and support to grow up more healthy and with perspective. FICE Europe wants to work together with all European countries to strengthen the situation of children all over Europe, especially children with special needs.


We will achieve our goals by...

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